125 year ten Kate!

On september 1, 2020 we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the company. A super milestone, and we are very proud of it! To celebrate, we are making 125 of the regular customers are very happy with a lovely gift!

1890 – 2020:
From the 1890’s to Kate’s, under the name of H. ten Kate, floristry, Semperflorens (always flowering means registered in the register of companies. The activities consisted mainly of the cultivation of flowers, plants and trees. In 1895, the lord, Kate, and a permit request for the sale of flowers and plants to individuals. In 1900, he started in with the let of the m.a. palm-trees. In the meantime, the company has changed in the ten Kate Semperflorens room and table decorations. To the lord, Kate, his company has given it to his apprentice, mr. Hietbrink and his business was sold to mr. Pete for the Poor. The owner, Tom, Own the business in 1978 and taken from his former employer. Tom and his wife Sue have been at the Kate to continue to grow and blossom into the wonderful company it is now. Also, the name of the company is in the course of the years has changed, as is kate Semperflorens room and table decorations, it was for Kate, the Flowers in Kate’s more than just the flowers at Kate’s Groenverhuurders.