A must: plants in your bedroom!

A must: plants in your bedroom!

In addition to a good mattress and a nice pillow, plants can also contribute to a better night’s sleep.

We now know that plants are good for you. It is therefore recommended that you place plants in a place where you spend an average of a third of the day. Plants provide extra oxygen, even if they use oxygen at night. Plants increase the humidity. Heaters dry the air, which can cause irritation of the respiratory tract … Due to a slightly higher moisture content, there is less chance of respiratory infections or irritation of the respiratory tract.

Plants in the bedroom are good for your night’s sleep; they radiate peace and tranquility.
Daily work pressure and stress create a lot of tension during the day. Plants have the gift to reduce stress and have a relaxing effect. So they can ensure a better night’s sleep. Therefore, bring nature to your bedroom and let the plants help you relax and fall asleep.

Research has also proven that houseplants calm down. Unfortunately, it is still too little known that plants have a positive effect on health, sleep and air quality.

An adult person uses about 190 liters of oxygen while sleeping? So a green oxygen bomb in the bedroom can certainly not hurt!

Come and we advise you!
In addition to the fact that plants look very nice and cozy in the house, it is also good for your health. Visit our store and our staff


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