Green is trendy!

Green is trendy!

You have probably noticed that houseplants are trendy, but which plant suits you best? The overview below may help you a bit through the jungle of possibilities. Can’t figure it out, or do you want sound advice? Our professionals are happy to advise you, so that you can enjoy your plant even longer.

1: Strelitzia
A fantastic plant with strong, large leaves that can become the eye-catcher in your home!

2. Monstera
Large houseplants are hot! Similarly, the Monstera, also called the hole plant. The Monstera is a very simple plant and also very popular in the office. So there is always a place for this fantastic plant.

3. Palm
A fresh green plant that also has an air-purifying effect. The Kentia palm is an easy plant and looks great anywhere in your home.

4: Croton
Nice for the fall, which always has something magical. Outside, the leaves take on various yellow, brown and red shades until they eventually form a foliage on the ground as a homogeneous whole. Bring the fall atmosphere into your home with this popular houseplant.

5. Silk plants
If you don’t have green fingers, a beautiful silk plant is really something for you. A silk plant also creates color and atmosphere. And the best thing is, you can also temporarily put it away and replace it with another (side) plant so that you can alternate. A silk plant is also ideal for dark places.

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