Introducing: our colleague Joachime

Our colleague Joachime is the face behind the shop and in our business. Joachime see to it that everything behind the scenes is good and it runs smoothly. The Office Manager, in the broadest sense of the term, answer the phone, sales call conduct, preparation of offers and management of the entire sales process. The organisation of larger events such as TEFAF, and a host of common administrative support activities for the retail store which fall under its remit. Planning, and social media, with the support of colleagues, also in her swing. These are among the key issues that are sure to be.

As the daughter of Tom and Sue, and sister, Sebastian makes a Joachime, the family will be complete. In this blog, we will learn the faces behind the ten Kate is a little bit of know each other.

Joachime, ” how long have you been working in the family business?

‘On the 1st of april of this year, I will officially be a 12.5 or more years of service. From a young age, you get a lot of them, and to help you get where you are. My parents used to have me, no need to get into the business to work with. While I do not have a part-time job, had worked for me in the summer and also in the office at Kate. During my time in high school, and later, when I was a student I got a part-time job at Piet Zoomers. First, at the cash register, and behind the desk. After I graduated, I still have a few years of full-time, at Piet Zoomers work. I see it as a big advantage is that, first of all, I somewhere in the kitchen and have been looking at.’

If you still have the same jobs as you did when you started working at Kate, or was that already changed?

‘No, no, that’s the time to be changed. Actually, I take it all in. A true man-in-the-web, for as long as I can, but not to the flowers in the vase, don’t need a truck to load, you’ll be fine. So, if you look at Kate’s call, the chances are very high that you have me on the phone. I will help you, for example, for a telephone order for a delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Or later, sitting at a table, to the decorations for your event, whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, a bedrijfsopening, or a trade show.

’ What makes the family business unique?

‘Working in a family business, it is very, very very, very, very nice but not an easy one. It’s always very, very involved, and is inseparable from them. In the ups and downs. Personally, I have a clear separation between work life and personal life. When I was in the door of our company, our close to put it is, “Tom” at one time, “daddy”, and then I called my mother again, “mom”, instead of “Suzan”

In which way does your position complement the company well?

‘In our business, work with a lot of creative people, which is, of course, are also in our business. My job and my grades, as appropriate, and accurate, time-frame of monitoring, with you, and it’s a nice addition to the creative qualities of my co-workers. We are a flat organization, a team, and one goal: to delight customers with the most beautiful flowers and plants for any occasion.’