Introducing: our colleague Simone

Our colleague Simone works at the Steenenkamer location and is engaged in creating flower arrangements for (small) parties and parties as well as maintaining the rental plants outside and in the greenhouses. In addition, she works daily with the construction and maintenance of office plants at various companies throughout the Netherlands. We are introduced to Simone on the basis of the questions below.

Which activities do you prefer to do?
I really enjoy working on the decorative interpretation of (small) parties and parties, such as grand flower arrangements. Then I really get a kick out of the end result. And maybe I like it best when I see a photo on social media in the evening where the party is in full swing, with our decoration in the background. Then you see that it works!

But I also really enjoy the many other activities that pass by and give me energy. How cool is that you walk through the greenhouses and see at once that bananas are growing in one of our banana trees. What I also really like is that you can see plants growing in the environment where we have placed them, such as on the terrace of customers and in the offices of companies. If you come back after some time for maintenance, the end result is even better and the plant has now become a mature plant.

What does your ideal working day look like?
In our profession it is quite normal that, especially during the busy months, I start early and come back late. I don’t mind sleeping in at all. A day with a lot of flower arrangements is a great day for me, especially on Friday. A good ending for the weekend.

What do flowers and plants mean to you?
Flowers make a beautiful day even more beautiful. Flowers also offer comfort in less beautiful moments. I can’t imagine life without flowers, they are always around me at home and at work. I really love the diversity of colors, shapes and types.

What would you still like to learn or what would you like to develop yourself in this field?
I would like to develop further in what I do now. I learn new things every day. In the future, it would be nice to be more involved in the preliminary phase of the assignment in addition to the executive work. So that I can supervise a (small) party or party from start to finish. But first I want to get even better at what I’m doing now.