Kerst bij ten Kate Deventer 2023
Kerst bij ten Kate Deventer 2023
Kerst bij ten Kate Deventer 2023
Kerst bij ten Kate Deventer 2023
Kerst bij ten Kate Deventer 2023
Kerst bij ten Kate Deventer 2023

It is time for the autumn and winter metamorphosis, but how do you do that?

When the evenings get longer and we look more at home for security, we want to make it cozy and comfortable at home. We do this by bringing the logs back into the house, lighting the fireplace for the first time and closing the curtains.

Always the same interior

We also retrieve the same winter home accessories such as tea holders, candles and bowls. But the same thing every year on the windowsill, on the table or in the sofa is also so boring. It’s like you’re not creative or have no inspiration to change it. But that is not it. It is often laziness. No time, no sense and oh well, it could be another year. As a result, you have the same interior year after year.

Time for something different

Do you recognize that? Then it is time to do things completely different this year. And that is possible with limited resources and a small investment. How? First take a few photos of your interior or make a video on your smartphone. Plan a visit to our store and don’t forget to bring your phone. When you are in the store you first immerse yourself in the wonderful world of ten Kate. Our waterfall of living ideas can surprise you. There is so much to see. You lack eyes. Let it all come over you.

Show us your interior

When you have acclimatized and you have acquired the necessary impressions, it is time to approach one of our colleagues. And now the photos and the recorded video come in handy. Our colleague now gets a good impression of your interior. What is your (basic) style, what colors do you use, what are the dimensions of the spaces and how do the existing elements compare. In short, a good impression of your interior.

We are happy to help you

Then it is time for the question what you would like to change or add to your interior. Often you already have a good picture of that. If not, our colleagues can help you with that. A pair of colored cushions with a matching bowl and candles on the table already provides a major metamorphosis.

Christmas and warmth

Or unpack immediately by bringing Christmas into your home. You are leading the way and you are assured of comments about how nice it is to already have Christmas accessories at home. We have various nice Christmas decorations that are not immediately Christmas but have a strong link with Christmas. Become the trendsetter this year and do it completely differently. The time of years of the same interior is over.

Be amazed and immerse yourself in the living world of ten Kate.

You choose ten Kate because:

  • We have many years of experience
  • We think along with you creatively
  • We advise you on a metamorphosis
  • We exceed your expectations
  • We work with you in an inspiring and enthusiastic way

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