Tafeldecoratie en Dakplatanen tijdens Concour 'd elegance

Art Basel in Basel

Art Basel in Basel

Art Basel is a large, prestigious art fair for contemporary art, held annually in the Swiss city of Basel since 1969. No fewer than 291 galleries from 34 countries head to the Swiss city on the third weekend in June. The success of the coming art year must be brought in there. The offer of the ‘largest supermarket for contemporary art’ is dazzling – for the art buyer, but especially for enthusiasts.

At ten Kate, we are happy to contribute to this dizziness by supporting the fair with greenery and flowers, which further enhances modern art. Tall white pots with Philodendron provide modest decoration in the service of art. One of the wishes was to make the cold, cold-looking walls of buildings more friendly by means of hedera hedges.

Various spaces in the exhibition hall have been made more intimate by custom-made furniture in the form of seats. The free-form planters that also serve as furniture are made in our carpentry workshop and sprayed in the desired color in our spray booth. We then transport the furniture and plants to Switzerland with a number of trailers. The bins, furniture and plants are installed on location.

We are proud to be part of this fantastic event and always marvel at modern art.

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