Tafeldecoratie en Dakplatanen tijdens Concour 'd elegance

Company party Aqua+ te Goor

Company party Aqua+ te Goor

We know Aqua + (Plus) as the market leader in sprinkler systems. It makes sense that they mainly supply complete fire safety systems. The company was founded in 1977, although the installation company from which it originated has existed for much longer. Reason for a 40-year party that could be celebrated in theater de Reggehof in Goor. During the day in the form of an Open Day for invitees and relations and in the evening a party for all employees. The theme for this special day was the elements fire-water-air and earth.

Decoration tailored to a theme

The express wish in the decoration was to make this reflected in the various decorations and furniture. The basic colors were earth tones, which gave the whole a warm impression. In our floral arrangements we have used the various colors that symbolize these themes. For the theme of fire, we used red, warm tones. The table decorations use Gloriosa, a flower in the shape of a flame and finished with charcoal. We have also adapted the pots and vases to the theme. A nice assignment that we look back on with more than satisfaction.

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