Gardenparty Wedding 40 year

Gardenparty Wedding 40 year

People are increasingly organizing a garden party. This can be done just like that or for a special occasion. For example, this party was organized in honor of the 40th wedding anniversary. A beautiful milestone, which is definitely worth a party.

This garden party took place in the summer. Beautiful floral summer flowers have been used for the flower arrangements. Using all colors together creates an explosive color. Various types of summer flowers such as peonies, alliums, eremuruses, delphiuniums, campanulas, hydrangeas and dill provided a summery atmosphere during the party.

A playful whole has been chosen for the decoration at the tables. Placing a few plane trees between and next to the tables made it feel cozy. Glass tubes containing various types of alliums (ornamental onion) hang from the roof planes. The alliums give a beautiful yet airy addition and provide a playful whole. In addition, the decoration consisted of several candles in glass filled with a layer of white sand. The candles created a romantic atmosphere during dinner.

The spice plants on the picnic tables were not only decorative, but also very functional. The guests could use the herb plants for dinner.

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