Tafeldecoratie en Dakplatanen tijdens Concour 'd elegance

Jansen and van Ralen

Jansen and van Ralen

Robust pots filled with colorful flowers, a table decoration of bricks, dining under the plane trees, a natural partition by means of a hedera hedge and sturdy tables made of oak tree trunks. All elements that together formed the decoration for a party in honor of the 40th anniversary of a contracting company in Nijmegen.

After an initial introductory meeting, the client’s wishes were converted into creative ideas for the interpretation of a business building where the event took place. The materials used were aligned as much as possible with company characteristics such as “tough, robust and building materials”.

And then the time has come. The construction of the event starts. Our skilled decorators place all the furniture and decor with an eye for detail. Once everything is in place, you can taste the atmosphere our client had in mind. Our mission is therefore successful, we have unburdened our customer and the party can now really start.

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