Tafeldecoratie en Dakplatanen tijdens Concour 'd elegance



PON 2018

Once every two years, the parent company, PON, organizes an end-of-year party for the dealers of Audi and Volkswagen somewhere in the Netherlands. This year Parkhotel De Wiemsel in Ootmarsum decorated the setting for this 3-day event.

Already in the summer we visited the location together with our client and we brainstormed together about the possible interpretation of not only the decoration but also of the location. Which rooms are used? Do we place a tent in the garden for dinner or do we choose it in the restaurant for dinner and choose another location for the 2nd evening. Various ideas and mood boards alternated rapidly. The common theme in these three days is: surprising, good, cozy, wintery and atmospheric. And let’s get to know that …… ..

Ultimately, the spaces of the hotel were used as much as possible. For example, guests were received on the 1st floor of the hotel on the 1st day, so that our decorators had plenty of time to completely turn the restaurant into a different style and atmosphere for dinner. Long tree trunk tables, supplemented with standing and sitting tables. On the tables a combination of different vases with purple, red and dark pink flowers. A floral ribbon on the long tables. Beautiful cushions in the sofas and customized paintings on the wall. In these paintings we have the logo, the head of a reindeer, of the weekend come back.

After breakfast, the guests left for the day program, which allowed our decorators to provide a surprise again. De Wiemsel’s furniture has been replaced, the flowers have remained. In the evening the guests dined at De Gelderman in Oldenzaal in a completely different atmosphere and style than De Wiemsel. Here too our decorators have put their best foot forward and the space has undergone a total metamorphosis. The actual furniture has been removed and has been replaced by wooden furniture with mainly standing tables and lounge-style furniture. Beautiful table decoration on the table and a huge birch with glitter asparagus completed the picture.

A successful weekend that everyone can look back on with a satisfied and satisfied feeling. Proud of our team that has been layered into putting a big grin on the face of our client.

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