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Royal Polo at the Palace Apeldoorn 2017

Royal Polo at the Palace Apeldoorn 2017

Royal Polo at the Palace is the first edition of a recurring Polo weekend at Paleis Het Loo. International Polo teams competed for the prestigious King’s Cup on the weekend of August 26 and 27. In a unique setting of the Paleis Het Loo museum where you can enjoy the Polo game in a stylish, casual atmosphere with business partners as well as with friends, family and children.

In addition to top sport at a high level, it is pleasant for everyone to stay among the old trees of Het Loo. The room in which the VIP guests were received and stayed during the matches, was decorated by us in a Mediterranean atmosphere with generous colorful flower arrangements in large vases, many various colorful flowers on the tables and the silver sand on the ground gave the whole feeling that you in a pavilion on the beach. The summer chic dress code, where the ladies were challenged to wear the most beautiful hat, added a classy touch. What together the fine sun created a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

An extremely successful first edition that tastes like more.

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