Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
Tafeldecoratie ten Kate Deventer
Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
Mauritshuis 200 jaar ten kate deventer
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TEFAF Maastricht 2017

TEFAF Maastricht has been in existence for 30 years this year, and ten Kate has also been the decorator of the famous art fair for over 30 years. And we are very proud of that. Every year we are challenged to design unique floral arrangements together with Tom Postma, architect of the fair. For example, the flowers at the entrance are the most photographed piece of art at the fair and the foreign guests in particular marvel at the diversity in floral splendor.

At the entrance of the fair, the guests were again treated to a real feat this year. A bowl with a diameter of 8 meters and where 4,500 test tubes are hung on wire containing 7,500 flowers. Above the information desk a zappelin of test tubes on wire with the same flowers as in the bowl. The method of flowers in test tubes hanging from the ceiling returns to the central squares of the fair.

145,000 flowers will be used during the fair, including: roses, tulips, snowball, blueberry, lilac and magnolia, in various spring colors. The flowers are changed twice during the 10-day fair. Three hundred indoor vases are available for the 125 large flower arrangements; for the six hundred table pieces about 1200 small vases. During the fair we consume 25,000 liters of water. The ten Kate team (20 people) has been working in varying composition on the construction, repainting and dismantling of the fair for more than three weeks. A studio has been set up next to the fair building and cooling cells have been placed to store the flowers.

The preparations actually start a year prior to the fair, when one edition ends, preparations start again for the next. For example, we are already fully engaged in the design and test setups of the next TEFAF Maastricht in March 2018.

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