Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
Tafeldecoratie ten Kate Deventer
Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
Mauritshuis 200 jaar ten kate deventer
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Floral art decorates the entrance of TEFAF Maastricht 2019

TEFAF Maastricht 2019

Also this year, visitors can enjoy the most diverse works of art for more than a week. Ten Kate has been a loyal partner of the event from the start. According to director Tom Hutten, the green and flower decoration is a true ‘art showpiece’ and it remains a challenge every year.

New concept

Preparations start almost immediately after the last edition. In close collaboration with architect Tom Postma, of Tom Postma Design, designs, drawings and test setups alternate rapidly. Until the “wow effect” has been reached for each party involved. This year, a completely new concept has been developed for a large part of the fair, which makes it extra exciting for all parties involved. Does the decoration really look as beautiful as everyone has in mind? And is that intended dream world created?

Vegetable painting

At the entrance this year, a vegetable painting of +/- 700×700 cm was chosen with over 10,000 different types of succulent plants with beautiful flowers in between. The gigantic vegetable painting is illuminated from above by light falling from the ceiling onto the painting. It seems as if the sun is shining through the newly sprouted leaves of the trees. A completely new concept has also been chosen for the aisles; sleek pedestals with glass vases and bouquets with spring flowers such as snowball and French tulips. Anyone who thinks that the test tubes will return in the decoration on the squares is wrong. The decorative team of Tom Postma Design and ten Kate opted for high towers made of iron frames with bouquets on the plateaus, again with spring flowers.

Decoration stands

In addition to the corridors and squares, ten Kate is also responsible for decorating a large number of stands. It is a militaristic operation to realize the perfect decoration and yet the Kate team manages to provide a surprise every year. To ensure that the flowers remain in the service of art every day, the decoration is kept daily and refreshed where necessary.

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