Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
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Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
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Impressive decorations at TEFAF Maastricht 2020

TEFAF Maastricht 2020

From March 7, it was that time again, TEFAF Maastricht. Once again ten Kate was responsible for the entire floral decoration of the fair and the stands. With a completely different design than in previous years, the teams of Tom Postma Design and ten Kate have managed to surpass themselves.

In close collaboration with architect Tom Postma, of Tom Postma Design, we looked at how the wishes can be translated into floral art. Because the flowers at TEFAF can now be considered art. Once again this year we succeeded in surprising the visitors with the magic of flowers. TEFAF is therefore regularly listed as one of the most beautifully decorated fairs in the world.

The flower decorations all colored almost the same this year, namely in different shades of pink. Complemented with other beautiful spring flowers in different colors, the decorations created a true explosion of color.

Visitors were surprised at the entrance with an impressive decoration. Three half-round tubes of 7.5 meters high decorated with mainly pink flowers. By processing the flowers in certain lines, it seemed that all three tubes were connected to each other. Pink flower clouds rose above the information desk at the entrance and on the squares on the exhibition floor. Beautiful hanging objects in the aisles again with the same types of flowers provided the intended magical flower world.

All restaurants also feature ten Kate greenery and flowers. Green predominates in the restaurant, supplemented with flowers. In addition, ten Kate once again takes care of the decorations in stands. These range from a vase with only tulips to complete green and flower decorations.

Ten Kate was permanently present on location with a large number of arrangers. As soon as the fair closed in the evening, they went to work to ensure that the flowers looked their best every day.

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