Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
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Haringparty Deventer 2023
ten kate deventer op locatie Teleon
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TEFAF New York Spring 2019

TEFAF New York Spring 2019

Again flowers from the Netherlands overseas!

TEFAF NY Spring was just around the corner in May. And what could be better to bring a little bit of the Netherlands after New York?

Not only outside The Armory in the heart of New York tulips stole the show. Indoors, during TEFAF NY Spring, tulips played a leading role in the decoration.

The preparation

The preparations are accompanied by the preparations for TEFAF Maastricht, in March. Mail contact, drawings and photos of test setups between architect Tom Postma and our office are rapidly changing. Until with us but certainly also with the Americans the well-known “Wow feeling has been reached. Or as the Americans say “Fabulous” The deadline is closely monitored because the non-living materials are transported by sea. In addition to the time of shipping, sufficient time is also required for customs clearance, checking customs and other administrative actions. Just like the previous edition, we prepare the flowers ourselves for transport by plane.

Hanging elements with tulips

Where Vanda’s and other tropical flowers stole the show in autumn, botanical Dutch tulips grown on cold ground now adorned the aisles and the restaurant. The large hanging elements at a height of 4 to 8.5 meters provide the “wow feeling”. To ensure that the flowers remain in the service of art every day, the decoration is kept daily and refreshed once during the fair.

The end result

It is a matter of good planning and trust to get a good cooperation of the Americans to realize the perfect decoration. The unique and longstanding fine cooperation between the three Dutch parties, Stabilo International, Tom Postma Design and ten Kate also plays a major role in this. It remains exciting and special to steal the show so far from our own little country with Dutch tulips. Pride the final result with pride and satisfaction.

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