A cozy terrace, with beautiful large plants.

Terrace decoration

Recently we have been able to provide several terraces with beautiful plants. As a result of the corona crisis, people spend a lot of time at home. This makes it tickle to tackle the garden and / or the terrace and make it cozy.

For example, we were allowed to brighten up a number of terraces with huge plants in a beautiful large pot. We have supplied various plants, such as an agapanthus and a fig. The most special plant we have placed is a 50-year-old Juniperus, which has been pruned into a bonsai. The plant is surrounded by a beautiful pot with a natural stone look.

Do you also want one of these plants or another beautiful plant on your terrace? Which can! Contact us at (+31) 0570 612273 or mail to joachimehutten@tenkate-deventer.nl

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