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The Taste of Deventer 2019

The Taste of Deventer 2019

After a year’s pause, De Smaak van Deventer returned in 2019. This year, unlike previous editions. Now in November and at a new location, the Lebuinuskerk.

The four-day event, where restaurateurs with mobile kitchens spoil Deventer culinary, was again a success this year. Ten Kate was also allowed to contribute again this year. By means of the decoration of the restaurant stands, the furniture and the floral decoration of the general areas.

The decorations matching the location and the time of year were a particularly attractive edition. The autumnal atmosphere came into its own by working with seasonal materials. Because each restaurant had the same frame at their disposal, it was a nice challenge to distinguish the restaurants to be dressed and to make a suitable decoration for the dishes that were served.

For example, the theme of the IJsselhotel was GOOS WILD. This theme provided nice details in the decoration. The pheasants, rosehip branches, autumn-colored flowers, malus apples, lighted birch and the wooden benches with animal skins create the perfect atmosphere within the theme.

For Central Kitchen, the specialist for sushi, we had a very appropriate decoration. Sushi decorations in combination with flowers and tea lights were a surprising combination!

We were also allowed to provide the booth of Bij Jansen and Jansen with various decorations. By using other materials in the same atmosphere, the stand got a different look, but continued to fit into the theme. Beautiful weeping birches in the furniture gave a natural look and the separation of birch trunks creates an intimate atmosphere to eat in. Finally, the styling on the tables through vases with flowers, autumn materials and tea lights made it complete.

The general decoration provided a total experience. Decorated was complete with illuminated weeping birches at the entrance, green plants at the bar, large flower arrangements, large plants spread across the room and rosehip branches over the gazebo.

The many nice reactions about the decoration and the decorations made it a successful edition for us and we hope to be able to surpass the decorations again in the next edition.

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