planten groendecoratie rabobank aardewerken schaal

The Witkamp

The Witkamp

What do you do if you have turned a party café into a restaurant and only the cool decoration is missing? Right, then you call ten Kate’s decorators.

The completely new design for the atmosphere, furniture and bar came from interior architect Linda Pol. The whole already looked beautiful, only the icing on the cake – in the form of plants and accessories – was missing.

One of our decorators went to see on location or to get a feel for the space and the created atmosphere. We can therefore immediately see how much daylight there is in the room and with which materials we can or cannot work.

We have drawn up a decoration plan in close consultation with De Witkamp, ​​based on the set atmosphere. Because there is little (day) light, we have worked with beautiful silk flowers and plants, supplemented with other home accessories, creating the real cozy and wow feeling. To fully extend the color scheme, we have chosen to spray the pots in the already used color.

The end result is a dazzling contemporary decoration!

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