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Wedding Geesteren

Wedding Geesteren

We look back with pride on the organization of a wedding in Geesteren. Where ten Kate flowers & decorations has been involved from start to finish. The bridal couple had previously expressed a number of principles in wishes. For example, the party had to take place in the backyard (in the middle of the Achterhoek scenery). With a personal and warm appearance. Contemporary dressed with a chic touch. And the bride’s express request to use lots of colorful flowers and decorations to match the background of the landscape.

A beautiful large tent was built in the backyard, followed by a terrace. In the tent we used white furniture as a base. The furniture has colorful elements such as cushions, tea lights and wind lights. In the back a large bar and a stage with dance floor and warm carpet on the floor. Large natural stone pots have been placed throughout the space inside, and also outside in the garden, with lavish, generous and colorful flower arrangements. True eye-catchers that colored it all up. On the tables, colorful flowers in colorful vases. And at the entrance, guests were welcomed with lavish pots containing gladioli.

The result was the wow experience of all the guests, the pride of the newly bridal couple and our satisfaction that we have accompanied a party from start to finish. Including arranging the catering, the tent rental, the lighting, the furniture. The party with walking dinner was a success that both the bridal couple and the guests will talk about for a long time. For the impressions, see the attached photos and be amazed.

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