Wedding party Rijssen

Wedding party Rijssen

The wishes of this couple were clear, they wanted a country wedding with soft colors. Beautiful pastel shades combined well with the white furniture. White garden benches and beautiful runners provide a good basis in the rural location. The ceremony took place in the country behind the mill, with a lovely sun added to it for the ultimate wedding feeling.

The start was at the Pelmolen, where guests were present all day. Then there were boats ready for everyone to sail to the ceremony. The guests were allowed to drive the boats themselves. Lunch even took place on the boat. The outdoor ceremony was a beautiful setting. Then the transport to church went by bus and finally the relaxed drink.

The bridal couple had a tight schedule, which made it a challenge for us to finish everything on time and deliver it to the right place. It was also a very warm day of 35 degrees.

Nevertheless, beautiful seasonal flowers in matching pots completed the atmosphere. Large and small flower decorations adorned the tables, chairs, walking route and the lawn.

We have used seasonal flowers such as gladiolus, hydrangeas, delphiniums, peonies, snowball, campanulas and alliums. The alternation of large, long materials and fine, hanging materials created an exciting whole that you want to spend hours looking at.

The various decorations were completely according to the wishes of the bridal couple and produced beautiful pictures.

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