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My reason for going to ten Kate is more than just beautiful flowers ……

Every Friday I cycle across the bridge to get flowers from ten Kate, where I receive a warm welcome. I have been buying my flowers here for over 20 years. Of course I sometimes take a trip, if I happen to be in a different place, but I am always happy when I step back into my own trusted store on De Worp.

Firstly, they have beautiful special flowers and the quality is excellent. If this is occasionally slightly less, this will be reimbursed without any problems. But my reason for going to Ten Kate is more than just beautiful flowers. The people who work there are passionate, love flowers just like me and they propagate this. Together we can marvel at the beauty of flowers.
In addition, it is always fun. The approach is very personal and they sometimes surprise me with a combination that I would not easily come up with myself, but still find beautiful. In addition to flowers, they of course have many more beautiful things and it is always a pleasure to walk through the store and admire all this beauty and of course sometimes buy it.

In short, a store that I enjoy visiting and that more than meets my wishes and my personal preferences.

A loyal satisfied customer

Thank you very much!

Dear florist,

Monday, August 14, I ordered a colorful funeral arrangement from you. This was delivered on time and has become very beautiful!

We are so happy with that, because it remains exciting how it will be. I want to compliment you for that.

The beautiful flower arrangement also has a small disadvantage; this was considered more beautiful by the family than their own flower arrangement on the chest… Well… They still enjoy it; the vase life of the flowers is also very good!

Thank you again.

Incredibly beautiful flowers

Due to all the hustle and bustle, we completely forgot to thank you for the WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL care of our flowers for the goodbye to our mother-in-law. Really, really beautiful, all pieces !! What a luck, your talent in combination with the beautiful time of the year. Everyone was completely happy and the big part … oghhhhh how beautiful !! Thank you very much!

Nice and flexible cooperation!

The Sandton IJsselhotel and ten Kate Flowers and decorations have been working together for some time. Ten Kate takes care of our weekly fresh flowers, our silk decoration in public areas, the greenery on our terrace and supports us in organizing the decoration and styling of weddings, open wedding location route and various large events at and near our location. At the IJsselhotel, we now know that we receive honest advice, that the team of ten Kate creative is and that they are very happy to participate in all possible challenges that we present to them. A more than pleasant cooperation in which flexibility and meeting agreements are of paramount importance. Thanks and let’s keep it that way!

Miranda Bouwmeester, General Manager

ten Kate an absolute must when it comes to office landscaping!

In the past period, we had ten Kate to provide our new office building with office plantation and for a event at a different location. The contact about this was very friendly.

An employee of ten Kate visited us in advance to get an impression of the office building and to be able to make a correct offer.

Given our experience with office planting, this was very welcome.

Later we visited the store to make the (final) choice from the wide range.

Delivery of the planting was completed in a few hours. The positive reactions of the colleagues to the plantation already came in when the flowers were still wrapped.

We absolutely recommend ten Kate!

Matthijs Honing, MRDM Deventer

Highly recommended if you are looking for a good match of quality, style and taste.

Our office could use a green metamorphosis, making it an even nicer place to work and stay. And when you think of flowers and plants, you think of Ten Kate, so we made an appointment with them.

Ten Kate has thought very well and translated our wishes into a very nice proposal, taking into account the light, temperature, interior and also the personal wishes.

The plants were supplied in a variety of matched pots and the office is now a lot greener and cozier. You can even smell the plants, which contributes to a very nice climate.

Ten Kate is very knowledgeable and has an eye for aftercare. In addition, communication always runs smoothly and well.

In short: highly recommended if you are looking for a good match of quality, style and taste.

Lotte Westerveld, Junior commercial manager

Companies and organization agencies should choose ten Kate for their service, offer and professionalism.

Els Janmaat has been an account manager at Westerhuis Verhuur Twente for more than 10 years. Westerhuis Verhuur has been a important name in the rental sector in the Netherlands for more than 80 years. We offer a total package if there is something to celebrate or if an event is used as part of a marketing campaign. We already do business with ten Kate before I started at Westerhuis, when it was less. I think we have been doing business weekly for about 5 years. We do business with ten Kate because adding Ten Kate to our events makes it complete and beautiful. Flowers and plants are part of it.

Ten Kate always thinks along, I receive extensive quotes with matching photos and when our customers want more images, samples are made themselves. They are always neat people on location, it is nice to see that when the flowers and plants are driven in, the event starts to come alive.

I think what makes the collaboration so special is that because we work a lot together, we know each other well, we always work under pressure, pressure to get the quotes out on time, pressure to get an agreement. Then you need to know what you have together and what you can expect from each other.

I think there is something funny or special going on at every event, from blown poles to Chinese bankers who find the French tulips so pathetic. Customers who want to order gladiolus in January and tulips in July. In our profession, every job is a surprise.

Companies and organization agencies should choose ten Kate because of their service, offer and professionalism.

Els Janmaat, Westerhuis Verhuur

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