The flowers and plants at Ten Kate; a special and unique range

We at Ten Kate are happy to tell you more about our special and unique range. In our 650 m2 store, there is enough space for the most beautiful flowers, plants, pots and home decorations. Our colleague Judith is happy to tell you more about which brands you can find with us and why we have chosen these brands.

Judith… which brands can you find in our store?

We have different brands in the store. A number of well-known brands that can be found in our store are: exclusive pots, vases and bowls from Des Posts, handmade products from natural materials from the Domani brand, beautiful quality handmade products from Michiel Drijver, traditionally produced products from Serax, glassware from DutZ, candles from Esther & Erik, the unique style of the Abhika brand and (scented) candles from Baobab Collection.

Why do you find these brands in the store?

I think these brands suit Ten Kate, because they are very beautiful and often (handmade) products. These products are made in a fair way and have a contemporary look. With a number of brands, the products are very timeless and you can therefore enjoy your products for a long time. Many products are all unique objects, of which often only a few copies are available. These products are the must-have for your home or office.

Domani’s outdoor pots are also hardy. So you really get your money’s worth. The nice thing about Des Pots is that they mainly have a lot of colorful products, which gives the finishing touch to an interior. The products of these well-known brands are all special and are therefore not sold on every corner of the street. They radiate a certain atmosphere and class. All brands have various products in their range, so that there is something suitable for every type of customer. You go for a certain product: A product that is pure, suitable for your interior, suitable for your wishes.

What is or are your favorite brands?I prefer products with a sturdy and natural look, such as our palm pots, I would like to have one of those. In addition, I think the products of the Domani brand are very beautiful, because what you buy is actually very pure. I also really like unique items. When you buy something, buy one beautiful unique piece, something that is a real eye catcher. A plant with a pot is also a piece of furniture in your home and therefore an important part of your interior. A nice cushion on your sofa is just like a nice bowl on your kitchen island. That really completes an interior.

What more can you want / say about the range at ten Kate?

What I would like to say is that customers do not have to think that we are expensive. What people pay for is the quality and the uniqueness of the product. The plant for which you pay a little more has had a longer cultivation process and therefore has a better quality or the plant is slightly different from the standard plant. In terms of green plants, we sometimes have a slightly different plant than the florist on the corner, so that these products also match our beautiful vases or pottery. Sometimes a simple plant can also be beautiful and we have a nice range of plants for every fair. Are you looking for an affordable small gift? You can also contact us for this.

The door is always open to everyone and everyone is welcome here. We have a very wide range. From cool to modern, from colorful to even classic items.

And the flowers at ten Kate…

We receive fresh flowers every day. Because we receive fresh flowers every day, we also have the opportunity to fulfill certain wishes, such as 50 red roses or beautiful flowers of 100 cm in length. We also opt for quality for the (seasonal) flowers. We have an assortment, whereby we can make a personal bouquet or flower arrangement for each person. People can also contact us for mourning and wedding work. Nothing is too crazy…

I will try to take on any challenge. From mourning to wedding work, from something for sure