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Wedding estate Singraven

Wedding estate Singraven

House Singraven offers a stylish backdrop for the ‘day of your life’. Not only the house different options for that one day. The park is really a unique place to give this special day something extra. Especially if the weather is also good… ..

Commissioned by Westerhuis Verhuur Twente, we provided this wedding decoration, eventually in four different places in the park. The ceremony in which the color white in the decoration predominates, actually as it should be with a romantic gazebo of which the bridal couple gave each other the yes, the moment of toast in the garden, dinner elsewhere on the grounds under a stretch tent . The color of the decoration is white, powder pink and gold-colored accents. Where the “leaf gold” chips on the flowers were also missing. And to top it off, the evening party in a transparent tent directly under the starry sky with a very colorful decoration. Real decorations are used in all decorations.

We look back with pride on this beautiful assignment, the fine cooperation and the many compliments that have been received. Flowers love people.

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