The outdoor life at Ten Kate with colleague Rik

Our colleague Rik loves to work outside. That is why he is happy to tell you more about it!

At Ten Kate you will find everything to turn your garden into a second living room. For example, opt for a teak sofa and decorate it with Claudi cushions or plaids. Enjoy a cup of fresh mint tea or mojito that you have picked from your own garden. How nice is that! You can decorate your outdoor table with candles from MD, which you place in a beautiful lantern from Dutz. Of course you can also come to us for a beautiful field bouquet of fresh or silk flowers for that shade on your outdoor table. ”

Rik continues: “The sun is shining and the Lavender, Oleander, Mandavilla and Solanum bloom beautifully and smell wonderful. These plants look very beautiful in the timeless pots of Domani. Fruit plants and trees such as grapes, lemons and figs can no longer be ignored in your garden or on your balcony. ”

“Our Ten Kate garden is well stocked all year round. There are always beautiful grasses, hostas, yew or boxwood plants to give the garden a green color all year round. By always having something green in the garden, you emphasize the real garden idea. You can plant these in the solid ground, but also in outdoor soil work pots. We have outdoor pots in all shapes, sizes, colors and structures. My tip: By grouping different plants and pots you create a nice corner with depth that makes it exciting.

Are you looking for outdoor plants, pots, benches, trees or outdoor art? We are happy to help you make your garden cozy and attractive. See you soon at Ten Kate.

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