Introducing: our colleague Frea

One colleague has been working at Ten Kate for more than 25 years and the other only a few years. Such a varied team ensures a pleasant working atmosphere with the necessary knowledge of the trade. Over the years we have worked with several colleagues with great passion for this work. In September 2020, Frea has been working at Ten Kate for 30 years. Frea is happy to tell you why she has enjoyed working at Ten Kate for years.

Frea, how did ten Kate end up 30 years ago?

” 30 years ago I followed a BBL training. This meant that I had to look for a 30-hour-a-week job in addition to my school. Then I started looking for a florist in my immediate vicinity where I would like to work and gain experience. And that’s how I ended up at Ten Kate. ”

What is it that you still stayed all these years?

” Mainly the variation in the work. I immediately started working in a large, versatile floristry, where there is always a lot to do and experience. This offers a lot of possibilities and I can completely do my thing here. I can and may do what makes me happy and that makes it still b (l) oei for me after all these years! ”

What do you still enjoy the most after all these years?

“I enjoy the styling of the store and dealing with customers the most. It is a large store, where you can make many product presentations. Changing things in the store and creating new products make me happy. I like to follow my own ideas and go for the perfect picture. Just putting down products is not enough, the combination with accessories and plants ensures a complete presentation. ”“

What have you remembered most over all these years?

“Firstly, that I was allowed to experience the 100th anniversary of Ten Kate. This was a huge party that I will not soon forget. Secondly, that Tom turned 50 and lastly that Tom and Suzan were married for 25 and 40 years. All fun parties, where Ten Kate’s personal touch was also present. In addition, there are also less pleasant events, such as that I myself was ill. Fortunately, I was well taken care of by Ten Kate. “”

What is one of the nice memories you have?

“One of my best memories is when Bastiaan was still a little guy of about 9. He also wanted to help with certain activities and stood on a crate next to me to put foxberries in a basket. And to think that he has been a grown man for a long time now and that he will soon be my employer. That remains a nice memory! ”

Finally, Ten Kate is a wonderful company that is always very open. Everything is discussed with each other and can also be discussed. I hope to continue for a nice and long time. Until I feel comfortable with it. ”