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Maastricht Treaty 1991 and 2017

Maastricht Treaty 1991 and 2017

This year marks 25 years since the Maastricht Treaty was signed at MECC Maastricht. At the signing in 1991, we and our valued colleague Siccema were there to brighten up the halls of the MECC with our flowers. 25 years later at the anniversary of the Treaty, we were also there to color the room blue and yellow with flowers. Taking care of the flowers at the beginning in 1991 and now at the anniversary in 2017 is what makes it so special for ten Kate and fills us with appropriate pride.

Additional security measures had been taken in the days surrounding the signing of the Treaty. We were frequently checked on products and materials used. Our employees and trucks were also checked again and again. What we can remember is that a lot of greenery had to be processed, as a link to the upcoming Christmas.

The question at the anniversary was to take into account the European colors of blue and yellow and the wish was a direct reference in the decoration to host the Netherlands. The yellow tulips in vases, with the look of Delft Blue, provided the correct color scheme and the nod to the host country.

For an impression of how it was in 1991 and how we decorated the event in 2017, please refer to the attached photo.

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