Introducing: Our delivery driver Henk

All beautiful flowers and plants that are delivered to you or someone else’s home are delivered by our delivery staff. They ensure that all orders are delivered to the correct address. Our deliverers see all of Deventer and the surrounding area. So if you see one of our cars, it could just be that a flower is on its way to you.

Our delivery staff always come back with stories about what they saw on the way or what happened. Our delivery driver Henk is happy to tell you more about his experience during delivery.

What do you like most about the delivery?
“I’ve been delivering for Ten Kate for about 13 years. Of all kinds of flowers and plants. The best thing about delivery is that you all meet people. You are on the road to make people happy and during the delivery you experience something again. That’s a lot of fun! “”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced along the way?
“The craziest thing I have experienced is yet to come, I think,” laughs Henk. “What I can still remember is that I had delivered a bunch of flowers and that we were later called that the bunch of flowers had been found in the ditch further on. What I have also experienced is that some residents are minimally dressed and receive me at the door, then you sometimes look weird. ”

” At Ten Kate we also make funeral arrangements and I sometimes have to deliver this too. I sometimes find that difficult when you have to deliver a funeral piece to an address, where then family members open the door. “”

What is one of ten Kate’s best memories?
“My best memory is when I was employed here for 12.5 years. The party I had was really the best. Other parties at Ten Kate, where I was allowed to attend, are also always very pleasant.

”“ But actually I like every day. I can contribute within Ten Kate and within society. In this way I do not dust behind the geraniums and I work with young people who keep me fit ”.